The Oud Installation
An art installation located at DoubleTree by Hilton, Dubai
Commissioned by the contractors in charge of the hotel to come up with an installation concept that incorporated the Oud, an ancient musical instrument that was the inspiration for the design of the hotel. Having never built a Oud before, I thought it would be nice to make one and share the process by creating a visual display of a Oud in its various stages of completion, and that’s what we went with.
The final display shows six Ouds, at key stages such as the initial mold for creating the signature bowl of the Oud body, followed by a half constructed bowl, next we have the completed back and then a collection of the components of the neck, and then the internal structure of the sound board. The final Oud is a fully functional Oud. We also have a few behind the scenes detail photos of the process. A full set of Oud making jigs and molds also had to be built for this project.